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St. Aidan's Episcopal Church | 8531 Riverside Road | Alexandria, VA 22308 | Focus info: (703)380-3151 | MC: Herb Cooper-Levy

Most concerts are Saturdays at 7pm. Most tickets are $15 in advance (or for members) or $18 at the door.

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Saturday, September 20, 2014: Slaid Cleaves, plus Mary Gordon Hall

Tickets $18 / $20


Slaid Cleaves spins stories with a novelist’s eye and a poet’s heart. Twenty years into his career, the celebrated songwriter’s Still Fighting the War spotlights an artist in peak form. Cleaves’ seamless new collection delivers vivid snapshots as wildly cinematic as they are carefully chiseled. Dress William Faulkner with faded jeans and a worn six-string for a good idea. “Slaid’s a craftsman,” says Terri Hendrix, who sings harmony on “Texas Love Song.” “He goes about his songs like a woodworker.”

Accordingly, Cleaves’ earthy narratives stand oak strong. “Men go off to war for a hundred reasons/But they all come home with the same demons,” he sings on the album’s title track. “Some you can keep at bay for a while/Some will pin you to the floor/You’ve been home for a couple of years now, buddy/But you’re still fighting the war.” Few writers frame bruised souls as clearly. Fewer still deliver a punch with such striking immediacy.


Mary Gordon Hall is a retired Virginia school teacher of 34 years. She began her songwriting career in the 1980s by writing songs for her students. Her first album, “I Just Can’t Eat My Peas!”, is enjoyed by families around the world. More recently, she has been performing for adults, sharing the stage with premier musicians Jesse Winchester, Kate Campbell, Christine Lavin, Cheryl Wheeler, Tom Prasada-Rao, Cosy Sheridan, Bob Franke, Anne Hills and David Roth.

Saturday, November 8, 2014: Modern Man, plus Kipyn Martin

Tickets $15 / $18

George, David and Rob         

Back despite public demand: It’s Modern Man!

A cross between Crosby, Stills & Nash and the Marx Brothers - David Buskin, Rob Carlson and George Wurzbach are three celebrated singers and songwriters, “terrific instrumentalists with gorgeous voices and hilarious wits.” Together they quickly redefined something-or-other and delighted audiences as they interweaved themes ranging from God to Godzilla, from manliness to cluelessness, from ESPN to the FBI with a vocal blend that has not been heard since Ella and F. Scott Fitzgerald went their separate ways.

Said Showbusiness Weekly: “Buskin, Carlson and Wurzbach should be arrested for being so funny.” Or as Back Stage put it: “…these guys are the Thomas Alva Edisons of humor. They’re inventive. You know, the bulb goes on.”


Kipyn Martin is an emerging Mid-Atlantic singer/songwriter whose voice has been hailed as “an instrument of unrefined purity” (Leicester Bangs) and “the most pure voice I’ve ever heard” (Karin Fuller, the Charleston Gazette). Her song Nightbird won the Director’s Choice Award at this year’s Mid-Atlantic Song Contest.